Medieval Olympics at Dover Castle

Dover CastleOn your marks, get set and go to Dover Castle for Medieval Olympics on special dates throughout July, when King Henry II and the bravest champions assemble to put on 12th century style games.

Families are welcome to come and try their hands at skills which made a fighting man – or woman – of the period.

The King will be in residence at his mighty stronghold, Dover, looking for the boldest young squires to join his jousting team.

He will scrutinize them as they are put through their paces by his great Knight William the Marshall.

Under Sir William’s fearsome glare young knights will be taught how to joust and use a sword, and find out if they have what it takes to become a Knight of England at the court of King Henry II.

The King will not only be seeking skills on the battlefield. At his palace, furnished to the height of 12th century luxury, only those with splendid courtly manners will thrive.

Young visitors will learn how to charm their noble masters and mistresses at lessons in chivalry given by the beautiful Queen Margaret, daughter in law to King Henry.



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